World Academy of Productivity Science

Silver Anniversary

It is an honor and privilege to serve as the President of WAPS as the Academy celebrates its 25th Anniversary. The Academy and the World Confederation of Productivity Science have benefited from the vision of those who founded WAPS and who guided its growth to become the pre-eminent body in the World to recognize individuals that have made the world a better place through their productivity improvement efforts. I am fortunate to be able to stand on the shoulders of these global productivity leaders as the organization moves into its second 25 years.

The Academy rests on a set of fundamental and enduring values that transcend cultures. Among these are achievement, Human Dignity, Wisdom. Self Worth and Social Affirmation. The Academy recognizes as Fellows those individuals who have produced outstanding economic, environmental and social results through application of the methods of productivity science. They have demonstrated wisdom and innovation and their work has contributed to human dignity. For these accomplishments the Academy seeks to affirm their contributions and contribute to their perceptions of self-worth by naming them Fellows of the World Academy. Receiving recognition from one’s peers for their lifetime dedication and accomplishments is perhaps the highest form of praise. The founders of the Academy understood this and those of us who have followed have strived to maintain this vision.

I would like to commend Dr. Saxena, the first President of WAPS for his remarkable career and for his contribution to the field of Productivity Science in India and the world. He has been a keeper of the vision that created WAPS and that has sustained it for the past 25 years. I applaud the work of WAPS-India for building a strong productivity community and for identifying so many outstanding Fellows who have been leaders of the productivity movement in India.

The next 25 years will require that WAPS and WCPS remain true to its values, but that the leaders who follow us must continually reinvent the organizational processes that will allow these values to be realized. The importance of efficiency and effectiveness – two bedrock productivity constructs – will continue. However, the means of achieving these performance dimensions must be continually adjusted as goals, objectives, and technologies change and evolve.