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Thomas C. Tuttle President , Tuttle Group International

Thomas C. Tuttle, PhD, is president of Tuttle Group International, a strategic management consulting organization located in Annapolis, MD. He is also president of the World Academy of Productivity Science and a vice president of the World Confederation of Productivity Science. He was director of the University of Maryland Center for Quality and Productivity for 26 years, where he chaired the U.S. Senate Quality Award process and the Maryland Quality Award Program. He worked closely with the Maryland Department of Economic and Employment Development and led programs to support the competitiveness of Maryland manufacturing through productivity assessments and technical assistance to firms to accelerate their path to develop and achieve registration for their quality management systems. Tuttle assisted the Secretary of Economic Development in establishing the first Office of Technology Development within the department and served as its interim director. As a “boundary spanner,” he worked with the Maryland State Department of Education and six local school districts to develop and implement quality management systems in public education.

In 2011, Tuttle received the C.Jackson Grayson Distinguished Quality Pioneer Medal given by the American Productivity and Quality Center for his work as a “lifetime advocate of quality and productivity through strategic change.” He is a fellow of the World Confederation of Productivity Science, a lifetime member of the American Psychological Association, and a member of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

Dr.Tuttle has had extensive experience as a facilitator for strategic planning efforts and for facilitating large-scale organizational change initiatives. These have ranged from Community Total Quality Programs, to organizational strategic planning to policy development efforts. He facilitated learning networks involving 10-20 organizations, which meet for a period of a year or more. Topics have included the CEO’s Role in Total Quality, Enhancing Skills of Total Quality Directors, and Knowledge Management. He facilitated a learning network involving over 12 Maryland School Superintendents who share expertise with regard to leading City and County school districts through the utilization of integrated management systems. This network operated for three years.